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I have been looking around the web for solutions on how to configure my document roots to point to one phpMyAdmin folder so that I don't have to install phpMyAdmin for every single (v)host I would have in the future.

The one who answered my question (Do I have to install a new phpMyAdmin to each of my Document root?) told me about making an alias that points to my phpMyAdmin folder. I'm sorry to be clueless on this, but how do I put up these aliases? I may have overlooked at the answer somewhere already, but please do help me.

Some information:

  • Mac OS X bundled Apache
  • Homebrew PHP
  • Homebrew MySQL
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Have a look at Maybe the Redirect directive would be the best for your situation. In the configuration for each vhost, add something like

Redirect permanent /phpmyadmin

Where is the place where you have installed phpMyAdmin.

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