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The following is the code I'm using in order to convert the GIF file into a PNG file and save it into a variable:

        $art = $_FILES["art"]["name"];
        $art_ext = pathinfo($art, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
            $art =  imagepng(imagecreatefromstring(file_get_contents($_FILES["art"]["tmp_name"])), $art."png");    

        move_uploaded_file($art, "images/".$art );

Also, is there a method for converting an animated gif to a static gif?

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Please clarify what your actual question is. The title is not relevant to the question you ask in the body unless you are posting this as a wiki. – Isaiah Turner Sep 2 '13 at 4:16

This code should work. I assume you are following the example at Convert JPG/GIF image to PNG in PHP? To convert a gif to a static jif you could honestly just rename the png file you created with your current code to jif. All modern web-browsers and applications will treat a static jif and a png the same.

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To get the first frame of an animated gif, you can use imagecreatefromgif and to save as a gif, you use imagegif, so it would be:

$art =  imagegif(imagecreatefromgif($_FILES["art"]["tmp_name"]), $art."gif");
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I'm still seeing this as animated – pedrum golriz Sep 2 '13 at 4:22
@pedrumgolriz According to the manual: When reading animated GIF files into memory, only the first frame is returned in the image resource pointer.. Are you sure you are not looking at the cached version? – jeroen Sep 2 '13 at 4:23
I'm looking at the file moved into the images folder – pedrum golriz Sep 2 '13 at 4:25

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