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I have a bunch of menu links and want to change their style on click - say you click "about" and it becomes bold and red. I select the items and bind click event to them:

$("#nav_menu > *").bind("click",function(){doTrigger(this.id);});

this way I pass the ID of the clicked item to doTrigger.

Ok. Now in doTrigger I am trying to iterate through the items and change their styles: all to style1 and clicked to style2 for example. The problem is that:

$("#nav_menu > *").each(function(){;});

will not let me pass the id of the clicked item.

I think there should be a less complicated way of getting what I need. Besides, I think I am lost, too.

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Try something like this:

$("#nav_menu > *").bind("click",function(){ $("#nav_menu > *").attr('class', 'class1'); $(this).attr('class', 'class2'); });

This resets all children to class1 when an item is clicked, and then only that item is class2.

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great stuff! many thanks, Flea :) – abolotnov Dec 6 '09 at 21:28
You're welcome. :-) – Robert K Dec 7 '09 at 3:05

the function passed to $.each() in doTrigger() runs in the context of and thus has access to variables in doTrigger() - you don't need to pass anything

function doTrigger(id) {
   $("#nav_menu > *").each(function(){ /* you can access var id in here */ ;});
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