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I am using Groovy/Grails Tool Suite to work on my Grails project. Most of the time I am getting weird permgen space error while running my application on debug mode. I am trying to increase my permanent generation space to -XX:MaxPermSize=256m but nothing working for me.

here is my GGTS.ini file ...

C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_38/bin/javaw.exe

I am still getting same permgen space error most of the time. Please give me some pointers how to overcome this issue.


I changed my MaxPermSize to 512m but no luck. Still I am getting Permgen space error.

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You should not be modifying the GGTS.ini that will just effect the UI environment. You should be adding these parameters at the following location. Window->Preferences (Search for grails in preferences) Select Grails Launch and update the Default JVM Args. These arguments would be passed to your grails process and will solve the issue.

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