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A quick question. In a single transaction, can't I do the followings:

  1. Delete index say indexMaster if already exists
  2. Create index again indexMaster
  3. Add nodes to index indexMaster


When I did the above things I got exception.

This index (Index[indexMaster,Node]) has been marked as deleted in this transaction

This exception occurs at line on which I am adding nodes to it.

EDITED: I am using Neo4j 2.0.4
Code using Java not REST API

Any Idea Thanks

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Not 100% sure here but I guess it is not possible to delete and recreate the same index in the same transaction. Try to use two transactions, one for deleting the index, the other for creating it.

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Yeah, Micheal Hunger also told me the same.. I think it is not possible to delete and create index in same transaction as I was getting exception 'This Index is marked as deleted in this transaction' – voila Sep 2 '13 at 15:18

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