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In the past, we've had some trouble with uninitialized data in C-code. I've tried two different static code analysis tools on the code example below. None of them complain about passing a pointer to uninitialized data. Are you aware of any tool that would catch this?

Thank you in advance!

static int useByVal(const int int_val) 
    return int_val + 1;

static void useByRef(int* const int_ptr) 
    if (int_ptr != (void*)0) 

int main(void) 
    int i;
    int k;

    /*** GOOD: The tool detects error: Using value of uninitialized automatic object 'i' */
    i = useByVal(i);

    /*** BAD: The tool does not catch uninitialized object 'k' when passed by reference */

    /*** BAD: Since call to 'useByRef(&k)', the tool now consider 'k' as initialized */
    return i+k;
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Try frama-c.com or customize GCC using MELT for that.... BTW, using a recent GCC 4.8 with gcc -Wall -O2 gives warnings on the first 2 mistakes. –  Basile Starynkevitch Sep 2 '13 at 6:59
Thanks! Didn't know -O2 contributes to raising the warning level in GCC. Will try MELT later when I have time. –  user2732727 Sep 2 '13 at 8:29

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No I'm not aware if any tool that would catch that. The reason is that they usually analyze on a function-by-function basis. In other words, while analyzing main tools would not analyze useByVal or useByRef, but make reasonable assumptions about them (like they expect an uninitialized object).

Additionally, if they did generate messages in this case, then you would need to add comments / pragmas to remove them and say "this usage is OK; don't emit a message any more". Because of the nature and frequency of pointer-passing, your program would be full of them.

Better implement some dynamic technique and catch the problem during testing.

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