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It would be a simple table on the page, which has some initial cells and another user should enter. I use DataList with ItemTemplate:

    <asp:TextBox ID="CellTextBox" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("Cell") %>' />

In code i override DataBind() of this control:

public override void DataBind()
            MyDataList.DataSource = dataTable;

Now it doesn't work. User enter some cells and click submit button, but dataTable (in the method which handels this button OnClick event) doesn't contains user's data - just only initial. What should I do?

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hi, maybe I'm wrong but shouldn't be using Eval("Cell") instead of Bind("Cell") if you want to display that binded value? –  Marko Dec 7 '09 at 23:11

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I'm not sure I entirely understand but I think you might be having a problem because you need to check for a post back on the page load. You might want to try something like this:

public void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
  if (!this.IsPostBack)
    myDataList.DataSource = myManager.GetDataTable();

That way, the data will only be bound to the control on the intial page load and not subsequent post back requests. Page_ Load will be called on each request, and that means and code in your Page_Load will execute before your button click method. Therefore you need to check the IsPostBack property on your page to see if the current request is a post back. If it is, then don't bind your data to your control because you'll lose what the user has entered.

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Sorry, i get too little inforamation. There are the details –  Sevina Dec 6 '09 at 22:36
I doubt if controls in ItemTemplate (not EditItemTemplate) could use #Bind and could retrieve user entered data –  Sevina Dec 6 '09 at 22:55
It looks like because of using Session/ In debug mode the Table get from Session state. But how should i hadle this? –  Sevina Dec 6 '09 at 23:12

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