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Looking at the API section on the left side of the XCode Documentation, I've always wondered what the symbols mean?

For instance, there's a "K" in a green square, a "T" in an orange square, an "M" in a blue square, etc.

Is there a key for these?



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  • C: Class, like NSString
  • M: Method, like -initWithString:
  • #: Define, like nil
  • f: Function, like CFStringAppend()
  • T: Typedef, usually enums like NSStringEncoding
  • K: Constants, usually a member of an enum like NSUTF8StringEncoding
  • G: Global instances, usually strings like NSDirectoryFileType
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Great! Thanks! I think I'm a long way off from knowing what each of these means, but at least the key is there now. ;-) Ha, ha. – Rashiki Dec 6 '09 at 22:20

I'm going to expand the list for XCode circa late 2011:

C: Class
M: Method
#: Define
f: Function
T: Typedef
K: Constants
G: Global instance
V: Keys for a dictionary and KVO/KVC
E: Enumeration
P: Property
(books,papers): Library
(a book): Category or conceptual document
(XCode icon): Sample code project
(sheet of paper): Document page or section
?: Help article

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