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Hello I have used JQuery fancy box first time in that i have show all the menu list on click on specific item the page is render properly in iframe,but if ajax model popup is already present in rendered page then it is not showing properly for IE 7 but working properly for IE9-10,

Here i have paste my sample code,

       function showPopUp(PanelName) 
            width: '95%',
            href: 'NewMenuList.aspx?Panel=' + PanelName,
            type: 'iframe',                

HTML Code:

<a id="example1" class="portalMenu" onclick="showPopUp('Master')" href="javascript:void(0)">
            <img alt="Master" src="../Images/Portal_Master.png" /></a>
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Add a data-type and download the last fancybox... It should work in IE7

<a class="various" data-fancybox-type="iframe" href="/demo/iframe.html">Iframe</a>


Use it like this

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Hello PoWeR thanks 4 your replay,but problem remains same.Ajax modal popup not showing properly for IE7 –  LomA Sep 2 '13 at 9:05
stackoverflow.com/questions/12978885/… Found this read.. I think is a bug in fancybox.. –  PoWeR Sep 2 '13 at 9:15

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