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We are looking at Windows Azure, but getting a token appears to be hard now, at least that's what I'm seeing in web searches. Anyone tried it or know how to accelerate that process?

Any idea how long this typically takes?

Any help appreciated // :)

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It was about two weeks for me. –  sipwiz Dec 6 '09 at 22:06
Cool, thanks :) –  Spanky Dec 7 '09 at 4:06

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Hey - recently I taught a Cloud Computing overview class at a university extension. My plan was to do live demos with Google/App-Engine, Amazon/EC-2, and Azure. However - Microsoft never got back to me with an Azure Services invite token. This was hard to justify to the class! I am actually a "Microsoft guy", MSDN subscriber - so I normally make sure Microsoft is well represented in the classes I teach. Honestly, I am very disappointed that I did not get any response from Microsoft with an Azure Services invite (after 3 weeks). It makes Microsoft look unresponsive - while Amazon and Google were very responsive. Several students in the class snickered at this and said "typical Microsoft" - and I really could not defend Microsoft since they did not deliver. If there is a "pause" on giving out Azure Service accounts - it would be nice if it was stated somewhere. And keep in mind - this type of inaction on the part of Microsoft makes Google and Amazon look like the places to be for Cloud Computing --thanks jeff

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You can get one if you are a US resident from CodeProject directly. Go to http://www.codeproject.com and you get your token instantly. They only have 500 so be quick.

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Where in Code Project? –  Spanky Dec 15 '09 at 20:37

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