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I am creating a webpage using infusionsoft Api which fetch client information from infusionsoft.And according to their ids it generate their barcode.Here i got a problem.![enter image description here

This is code that is generate while i trying to create barcode.



include "Barcode39.php";
$app = new iSDK;
if ($app->cfgCon("connectionName")) 
    echo "connected<br/>";
    echo "app connected<br/>";
    $email = 's.a@gmail.com';
    $returnFields = array('Id', 'FirstName', 'LastName');
    $data = $app->findByEmail($email, $returnFields);
    $bc = new Barcode39("121");
    // set text size
    $bc->barcode_text_size = 5;
    // set barcode bar thickness (thick bars)
    $bc->barcode_bar_thick = 4;
    // set barcode bar thickness (thin bars)
    $bc->barcode_bar_thin = 2;
    // save barcode image file
     echo "<pre>";
    echo $bc;
    echo "</pre>";
    echo "Connection Failed";



If i got any help i will appreciate that.I correctly fetching data from infusionsoft but i wont be able to genrate barcode using that id.when i tried to generate barcode in separate file it works perfectly i just dont know the reason why it is generating numbers not image. Please help me.Thank you

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