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I have a number stored as a sting e.g. "2,65424.00" Is there a way to convert it to a float number 2,65424.00 and keep the format?

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That is an unusual format for a number. The question is also slightly confusing - could you please elaborate, perhaps just explain where your data is coming from, and where you want to display it? If you wish to use this value as a number, are you expecting to perform any math operations on it (in which case it could not be displayed exactly the same). Ruby numbers don't include a stored format but there are many ways to display them formatted. But likewise it is very easy to display a string without quotes if that is all you need to do. Just puts s (where s is your string). – Neil Slater Sep 2 '13 at 7:51
No. 2,65424.00 is not a valid Ruby expression. In other words, such Ruby object does not exist. Hence there is no way to convert a string into such thing. – sawa Sep 2 '13 at 8:08

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No, the internal representation cannot be changed like this. The only way to approach this to write a to_s method for the Float and Fixnum. For example:

class Float
  def to_s
    # your formatting: sprintf("...", self)

Since you want to do get the same representations on Fixnum you could then convert the Fixnum into a Float and then base the to_s method on the to_s method of Float.

class Fixnum
  def to_s

This way, you get the representation, through calling to_s on your Float

=> "2,65424.00"

, or when you use interpolation:

 "When you write it like this #{265424}"
 => "When you write it like this 2,65424.00"

To my mind this is the proper approach, because you want an individual representation of your numbers. That is fine, but then this individual representation should be implemented at the string level, because if you want to display something nicely through formation, that's what strings are for.

Also it might be questionable to use this monkey patching approach, it depends whether you want to provide a library, etc. Maybe it would be fine if you just design a dedicated format method that takes the numbers and prints them formatted.

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You can not save float value with ',' as a delimiter in mysql

However you can do something like following

"2,65424.00".gsub(',', '').to_f # 265424.0
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Thats true. '%.2f' % '2,65­424.00'.de­lete(',').­to_f You can also use this. – Vamsi Krishna Sep 2 '13 at 7:59

Try to convert your string object with string.to_i for integer or string.to_f for float.

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Hmm you are right.. but don't help OP... :) – Arup Rakshit Sep 2 '13 at 7:55

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