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How do i create a package in the new Dart Editor?

There is no "Add Pub support" checkbox?

Also how to create "packages" with the new editor?

Is a tutorial out there that describes the process with the new Editor?

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There's no such possibilty in the Dart Editor for now. To create a package follow these steps :

  • create an New Application mylib without sample content
  • add a pubspec.yaml file
  • add a lib folder
  • create a mylib.dart containing the code you want to package

See the Package layout conventions for more informations.

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i did all of that, if i install over pub => success but cant use it in other apps, if i deploy it (error no web folder) if i add the web folder it deploys but still cant use the package? –  mc_fish Sep 2 '13 at 22:20
pub install will not allow you to use it in other apps. This command only creates packages directory in several places to allow Dart files to run when dependencies are defined. See pub install doc. Locally you can use a path package. –  Alexandre Ardhuin Sep 3 '13 at 9:35

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