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Using Chosen version 1.0.0 I included the following files

link(href='css/chosen.css', rel="stylesheet", type="text/css");

  select(data-placeholder="Choose a country...", multiple style="width:350px;" ).chosen-select
            <option value=""></option>
            <option value="United States">United States</option>
            <option value="United Kingdom">United Kingdom</option>
            <option value="Afghanistan">Afghanistan</option>
            <option value="Aland Islands">Aland Islands</option>
            <option value="Albania">Albania</option>
            <option value="Algeria">Algeria</option>
            <option value="American Samoa">American Samoa</option>

The above code gives a disfunctional select box The above display is same as

select(multiple, style="width:350px;")
            <option value=""></option>
            <option value="United States">United States</option>

Upon analysis I see, that both chosen.css and chosen.jquery.min.js have no class chosen-select I am using jQuery version v1.10.2 Also I am loading jQuery as the first file on the page to avoid conflict.

Thanks for helping.

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Instead of just $(".chosen-select").chosen() makes it work!

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