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I making apps for background image blur when open dialog on button click event and its working for api level 8(Gingerbread) and api level 14 (ICS) not background image blur its only dimming background like on light black, what i do, Thanks for in Advance

This is code working on Android 2.3 and 4.0 not working,

    AlertDialog alertDialog = alertDialogBuilder.create();
    WindowManager.LayoutParams lp = alertDialog.getWindow().getAttributes();  
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This flag is deprecated and should not be used since it is not supported anymore. –  Tarun Sep 2 '13 at 9:46
Alternate solution for in used for ICS ? –  puthawala Sep 2 '13 at 9:47

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FLAG_BLUR_BEHIND was deprecated in API level 14.

Blurring is no longer supported.

As per Dianne Hackborn Android framework engineer

I recommend avoiding this. Back in the G1 days the blur effect could be implemented somewhat efficiently in software. Those days are long past. This is something you should avoid until at some point in the future when it is done on the GPU.

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Which flag used for api lavel 14 and its working? –  puthawala Sep 2 '13 at 9:49
Try FLAG_DIM_BEHIND.. There is no alternative though. –  Tarun Sep 2 '13 at 9:52
FLAG_DIM_BEHIND this flag i already used and its for only dim like on black background and it is default dialog background. –  puthawala Sep 2 '13 at 9:54

FLAG_BLUR_BEHIND is deprecated at API Level 14 that's why it works on 2.3 and not on 4.0

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