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I like the look and feel of the documentation on http://backbonejs.org/, particularly how it is all in 1 page.

I would like to duplicate it for my open source code.

I am using GitHub to host my open source code.

I want to achieve the following:

  • Use GitHub Pages to host the documentation site
  • Assume that I am just using GitHub Project Pages. See here.
  • When I edit the content in pages, I want to be able to simply use markdown without looking at html content.
  • I am NOT using custom domain to host the pages.

I believe that:

  • http://backbonejs.org/ is also hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • BUT the documentation is purely in html files. I saw this in the gh-pages branch of the repo.
  • I can use the same design DocumentCloud uses for their documentation as the layout for my Project Pages.

Please correct my assumptions if they are wrong.

I want to know how to achieve the above.

Please assume that :

  • I know how to host my documentation files inside gh-pages branch and how to use GitHub.
  • I know next to nothing about Jekyll, but I am okay to learn.

If I cannot use DocumentCloud's design as a theme or layout for my Project Pages, please enlighten me what similar themes I can use. I saw the available themes, but there is no one-page style with menu on the left type.

I would like a one-page documentation with the menu always at the left-hand side.

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I am going to take a guess that they compiling the html locally then uploading the final html to gh-pages branch. –  RobertKenny Sep 3 '13 at 10:44
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