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I frequently find myself writing functions to handle an array of items:

  • An asynchronous function run many timesin parallel, with each function using a different item of the array as its argument
  • A counter that fires once all the functions have completed


function getThings(callback){
  thingsLeftToCheck = things.length;
      if ( ! thingsLeftToCheck ) {

I frequently use Caolan's async library for other workflow style tasks, but I can't seem to find something that corresponds to this workflow. Eg, async.parallel is about running a number of different functions in parallel, whereas what I want is to run the same same function with different arguments:

Does async provide something like this?

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Actually it looks like async.each does exactly this. A quick demo (using timeouts)

var items = ['one','two']
var results = []
var doStuff = function(item, callback){

Will return:

[ 'resultone', 'resulttwo' ]
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