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I have created a cellList : I want to add a clickhandler when user clicks on button "Send"

Please Help. FieldUpdater should work if user clicks on "Send" button.

Here is the code :

  final String imageHtml =AbstractImagePrototype.create(;
// first make a list of HasCell type - MyClass is the type of object being displayed in the CellList (could be String for simple labels)
List<HasCell<contactinfo, ?>> hasCells = new ArrayList<HasCell<contactinfo, ?>>();

hasCells.add(new HasCell<contactinfo, String>()
    public ButtonCell cell = new ButtonCell();

    public Cell<String> getCell()
        return cell;

    public String getValue(contactinfo object)
        return "Send";

    public FieldUpdater<contactinfo, String> getFieldUpdater() {
        FieldUpdater< contactinfo, String > updater=                 new FieldUpdater<contactinfo, String>() {

            public void update(int index, contactinfo object, String value) {
                Window.alert("You clicked  "+object.getName());

        return updater;



// now construct the actual composite cell using the list (hasCells)
Cell<contactinfo> myClassCell = new CompositeCell<contactinfo>(hasCells)
    public void render(Context context, contactinfo value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb)
        super.render(context, value, sb);
    protected Element getContainerElement(Element parent)
        // Return the first TR element in the table.
        return parent.getFirstChildElement().getFirstChildElement();
    protected <X> void render(Context context, contactinfo contactinfo, SafeHtmlBuilder sb, HasCell<contactinfo, X> hasCell)

this renders each of the cells inside the composite cell in a new table cell

        // Value can be null, so do a null check..
        if (contactinfo == null) {


        // Add the contact image.
        sb.appendHtmlConstant("<tr><td rowspan='3'>");

        // Add the name and address.
        sb.appendHtmlConstant("<td style='font-size:95%;'>");
        Cell<X> cell = hasCell.getCell();
        cell.render(context, hasCell.getValue(contactinfo), sb);
// then make the actual cellList, passing the composite cell
cellList =new CellList<contactinfo>(myClassCell,KEY_PROVIDER);
// Add a selection model so we m select cells.
singleselectionModel = new SingleSelectionModel<contactinfo>(

singleselectionModel.addSelectionChangeHandler(new SelectionChangeEvent.Handler() {

    public void onSelectionChange(SelectionChangeEvent event) {

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Also, I do not see in code any piece that handles event. Did you read through

Have you tried the code sample provided by GWT -!CwCellSampler . Browse the "Source Code" !!!

If you have not read already then you should start here @ DevGuideUiCustomCells

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