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I 've implemented BubbleTableView , which i found , lots of community uses that :

But when I implemented, i realized that , NSBubbleData does not take values as array, when multiple value exist, you need to put data in for loop, and it makes 2-3 minutes to get in messages in NSBubbleData because each for loop it appends NSBubbleData . I have to do that because if user opens chat UI, first of all he /she try to get history from the Node server.

After 2-3 messages send, textfield is disappearing and need to pop that UI and get back again !

After these issues , i found UIBubbleTableView not useful for complete handle for Instant Messaging .

Is there any better ChatView UI for iOS witch is open source also better performance than UIBubbleTableView ?

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For Bubble Chat there are so many open source UI which uses so many different approaches, which will not have such problems that you mentioned above.

Open Source :-

  1. BubbleThingie for iOS
  2. PTSMessagingCell for iOS

Paid One :-

  1. ALBalloonView for iOS
  2. STBubbleTableViewCell for iOS

Hope this helps you !

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Great suggestions ! Thank you –  Inna Kamoze Sep 2 '13 at 21:33
This is the best library out there now : github.com/jessesquires/JSQMessagesViewController –  bpn May 29 '14 at 9:43

Opensource projects, especially hosted via github, are not only about copying them. Github provides you a convenient way to fork the project and make some fixes and enhancements, then make a pull request to improve it.

That said, the best control is the one you can use effectively. For the control as simple as a table view with a large items count you'll want to limit the number of items loaded at once (try to load conversation history from the last year at Skype and see what happens even with a desktop CPU & RAM, now imagine it happening every time you open a new conversation).

As for disappearing text field, you'll need to put some efforts to debug the problem, it is probably something not hard to fix.

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