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Hi I am new with php and I was wondering how am i able to count how many 'checkbox' are checked once I click on submit. For example:

<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox1"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox2"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox3"/>
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Give the checkboxes names as array like

<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[]"/>

And after submit try like

$checked_arr = $_POST['checkbox'];
$count = count($checked_arr);
echo "There are ".$count." checkboxe(s) are checked";

Note : And based on the method that your form submit using...whether it is $_GET or $_POST you need to use $_POST['checkbox'] for POST method and $_GET['checkbox'] for the GET method.

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This is probably correct answer because without using name = "checkbox[]" it needs to check multiple values. – user1646111 Sep 2 '13 at 11:41
What if, say the input type is a "number" input type – user2732815 Sep 2 '13 at 11:41
Hehe, it seems I should have just posted my answer rather than taking time to test it. Same answer as yours was. +1 – Fluffeh Sep 2 '13 at 11:42
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox"/>

to check which boxes have been checked simply traverse through the chk[] array like this:

$chk_array = $_POST['checkbox'];

for($chk_array as $chk_key => $chk_value)
print 'Checkbox Id:'. $chk_key . ' Value:'. $chk_value .'is
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Using jQuery you can achieve it:


This will return the number of checboxes checked.

And in php you'll need to pass it as an array.

echo count($_POST['checkbox']);

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$checkedBoxes = 0;

// Depending on the action, you set in the form, you have to either choose $_GET or $_POST
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this is a fabulous one. a true PHP-way. – Your Common Sense Sep 2 '13 at 11:44

You can set names for the checkboxes as an array:

<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[1]"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[2]"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[3]"/>

and then you will have an array in PHP ($_POST['checkbox']):

echo count( $_POST['checkbox'] ); // this will give you the count

otherwise you can iterate over each one of them and increment a variable:

$counter = 0;
foreach( array('checkbox1', 'checkbox2', 'checkbox3') as $name ) {
  if( isset( $_POST[ $name ] ) {
echo $counter;
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You have to rename the names and add values

<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[]" value="1"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[]" value="2"/>
<input type = "checkbox" value = "box" name = "checkbox[]" value="3"/>

This way you will know not only number (which you don't actually need)

echo count($_POST['checkbox']);

but also have the actual selected values:

foreach($_POST['checkbox'] as $val)
    echo "$val<br>\n";
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All boxes that are checked will be in the Request when u click submit. In your case, if checkbox1 is checked u get: "checkbox1=box"

If you use GET as the method it will look like: and u can access it with $_GET['checkbox1']

If you use POST as the method you can access it with $_POST['checkbox1']

You can also check if the box is checked (and in the Request data) with isset($_POST['checkbox1'])

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