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I'm facing the problem to get the SOAP response from the (Arzoo) Server. The SOAP Request should be in following Format:


The method is getAvailability for this request. I've done the following coding to achieve that:

    $location_URL = "";
$action_URL ="http://com.arzoo.flight.avail";

$client = new SoapClient('', array(
'soap_version' => SOAP_1_1,
'location' => $location_URL,
'uri'      => $action_URL,
'style'    => SOAP_RPC,
'use'      => SOAP_ENCODED,
'trace'    => 1,

$request = array('Request'=>array('Origin' => 'BOM','Destination' => 'DEL','DepartDate' => '2013-09-05','ReturnDate' => '2013-09-06','AdultPax' => '1','ChildPax' => '0','InfantPax' => '0','Currency' => 'INR','Clientid' => '777xxxx','Clientpassword' => '*5AF72AA053B7823D8EBBFE696080C9AD6B3DF69A','Clienttype' => 'ArzooFWS1.0','Preferredclass' => 'E','mode' => 'ONE','PreferredAirline' => 'AI,G8,IC,6E,9W,S2,IT,9H,I7,SG'));

    $result = $client->__call('getAvailability',$request);
    $response= htmlentities($result);
catch(Exception $e){
    echo "<h2>Exception Error!</h2>";
    echo $e->getMessage();

I need the parameters to be sent as stated above. I'm not able to find how shall i send the nested parameters. If i run the above php code I'm getting Invalid XML Format. Please Suggest me How to fix this. Your solution is greatly appreciated.


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