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Sorry for being a noob, But can anyone please help me to understand the different conditions when i can expect a referrer to be null\blank. I use document.referrer to get the referrer information.

Thanks for the help.

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If the user uses an anonymizing proxy or add-on, it may be set to remove Referer headers.

If you use document.location.href = URL to go to the new page, whether Referer is passed is browser-dependent.

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There are a couple of reasons why REFERER might be blank.

  1. HTTP_REFERER is an environment variable given by the browser. Meaning users can remove it or even change it, if they so intend to.

  2. Users accessing the link from a bookmark, history or by typing the link manually do not have a referer.

  3. IE has also been known to remove the referer in situations revolving around javascript. Such as window.open, window.location and even setting target="_blank" in anchors or meta refresh.

  4. Clicking an embedded link in a chat application, PDF/Word/Excel document, will also not set a referer.

  5. Using AJAX, file_get_contents, fopen and other similar functions in other languages will probably not set a referer request.

  6. cURL, fsockopen, applications that have browser-like components might not set a referer.

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