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As there are two ways to support wide rows in CQL3..One is to use composite keys and another is to use collections like Map, List and Set. The composite keys method can have millions of columns (transposed to rows).. This is solving some of our use cases.

However, if we use collections, I want to know if there is a limit that the collections can store a certain number/amount of data (Like earlier with Thrift C* supports up-to 2 billion columns in a row)

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where is the documentation on the using composite keys as we need the millions of columns in one use case we have? –  Dean Hiller Sep 9 '13 at 13:24

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Apart from the performance issue, there is a protocol issue which limits the number of items you can access to 65536.


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Interesting, I was not aware of that limitation from the protocol limiting the size to 65536. Thanks for the info –  doanduyhai Sep 3 '13 at 11:09

It is strongly recommended to store only a limited amount of data in collections & maps.

The reasons:

  1. Collections and maps are fetched as a whole, entirely. You can not "slice" on collections so putting lots of data in collections/maps will have impact on perf when reading them

  2. The CQL3 implementation of Lists is not performant for insertion/removal in the middle of the list. For append/prepend operations, it's quite fast. For insertion/removal element at index i, it will require a read-before-write. Basically, part of the list will be re-written because they need to be shifted to the good index

  3. Insertion/removal for Set and Map are more performant since they use the column key for storage/sorting/indexing

Now to answer to your question, is there a hard limit on the number of elements in a collection/map, the answer is no, technically there is no limit other than the classical 2 billions limit that already exist in Thrift yes, it is limited to 65536 as mentioned above by GlynD.

The related JIRA CASSANDRA-5428

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In addition to the limitation of 64k items in a collection, from http://www.datastax.com/documentation/cql/3.1/cql/cql_using/use_collections_c.html:

These are the TWO limitations:

Maximum size of an item is limited to 64k (max value of an unsinged short)

Number of items in collections are limited to 64K (max value of an unsinged short)

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Also collections are serialized so this adds an overhead. See CASSANDRA-5428 as well.

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