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I write code which download my video file by using async task with progress bar and it work fine..but if i change my activity or put my application in background and when i come back to my activity ( or app) than progressbar is disappears but download is still going on in background but i don't get progress bar...

I put my progress bar display code in Preexecute method of async task and dissmiss method in postexecute of asynctask..

I search on google for storing state but in my case it won't work..

here is my code

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

     PowerManager powerManager = (PowerManager) getSystemService(Context.POWER_SERVICE);

     partialWakeLock = powerManager.newWakeLock(PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK, "Loneworker - PARTIAL WAKE LOCK");


    final Button restore =(Button)findViewById(R.id.restore);
    restore.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

        public void onClick(View v) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub

            new DownloadFileFromURL().execute(listOfStrings); // pass the arraylist which contains the product id return by google 


         class DownloadFileFromURL extends AsyncTask<ArrayList<String>, String, ArrayList<String>> {

ArrayList<String> fileExist = new ArrayList<String>();

protected void onPreExecute() {
    showDialog();// this call to progress bar method display

protected ArrayList<String> doInBackground(ArrayList<String>... passing) {
     Log.d("download file :", "In download file method");

   protected void onProgressUpdate(String... progress) {
    // setting progress percentage
    //Log.e("Downlaod file", "progress update");

    protected void onPostExecute(ArrayList<String> result) {
    // dismiss the dialog after all file is downloaded
        // if file exist array contain items than some videos are already avaliable in device so we display toast message to user 
        for(int i=0;i<fileExist.size();i++)
            // we used databasehelper object and called getvideoName method to fetch video name


     dissmissDialog(); // after displying message close the progress bar   

            protected Dialog showDialog() {

pDialog = new ProgressDialog(con);
 pDialog.setMessage("Téléchargement en cours Veuillez patienter s'il vous plait...."+(i+1)+"/"+Number_of_file);
  return pDialog;


     protected void dissmissDialog() {


Any help is appreciated thank you

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Set setOnCancelListener property of ProgressDialog in to false


otherwise progressDialog's view is to be dismisses when the Activity goes to Background(becase they call onStop())

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I already did that...but no luck –  Swap-IOS-Android Sep 2 '13 at 14:32
Please add 'showDialog();' 's body in to your question. –  Sino Raj Sep 3 '13 at 4:44
check main question –  Swap-IOS-Android Sep 3 '13 at 7:44

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