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I have 2 computer named A and B. Both can move. Both can be connected in peer-to-peer network using wifi. Additional sensor and camera can also be added in one computer which is raspberry pi (computer B). I want to add some formation driving functionality so that computer B always try to follow computer A. if computer A starts moving away, computer B also follows A in same direction. I don’t want to maintain some constant distance between them. Computer B’s objective is to reach computer A. there can be another moving computer C but B should only follow A not C.

I could have used GPS if I want to test it outside in big ground, however in indoors I think GPS approach wont work.

Any feasible ideas which can be implemented without much complexity.



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Can you add anything to A - like a beacon, either IR, RF, or ultrasonic, or even just a coloured sticker or barcode or something? Things like GPS can't manage very good accuracy relative to the size of your devices. Something that can be easily homed-in on, such as a flashing IR LED, would be my choice. Machine vision is hard & CPU-intensive, tracking a point like an LED or reflector is much easier with "dumb" sensors. – John U Sep 3 '13 at 12:09

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If GPS is not an option I would try to go to a Gyroscope/accelerometer. (check it here , rasp pi guide to accelerometer/gyro)

  • On start node A and node B exchange locations. (both at X= 0 Y =0 regardess of their poition)
  • Node A on detecting acceleration sends direction and speed to node B
  • Node B keeps node A location, on locationA change event node B moves in it´s direction

The other option: maybe checking wifi signal strengh? But nodeB would have to move in several directions before getting improved signal strength.

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This seems to assume they both start next to each other, which wasn't stated as being the case? – John U Sep 3 '13 at 12:10
No problem at all, nodeB just need to have the CurrentCoordenates and the PreviousIterationCoordenates in order to determine direction/speed. It´s assumed that both nodes start in wifi-range distance of each other. – miguels Sep 3 '13 at 12:54

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