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Calling my endpoints API method locate(@Named("latitude") float latitude, @Named("longitude") float longitude)

from the following javascript client code, where pos is type 'google.maps.LatLng' locate({'latitude','longitude':pos.lng()

returns status 400, saying code: 400, message: "Invalid float value: '77.08659999999998'."

I am using GAE 1.8.3. lat() and lng() return a (JS 64-bit floating point) number, which API should be able to convert to java 32-bit float.

This seems to work fine in my dev server, but not on GAE. Any pointers?

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The error "Invalid float value: '77.08659999999998'." is gone by using double instead of float type method parameters in ApiMethod.

locate(@Named("latitude") double latitude, @Named("longitude") double longitude)

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