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I need to get the data from Google analytics API to python code.I'm using gdata python module for this. But from that we only can get limited details like visits , visitors , page views. The code snippet is following:

    data_query ={
  'ids': table_id,
  'start-date': today.isoformat(),
  'end-date': today.isoformat(),
  'dimensions': 'ga:date,ga:source',
  'metrics': 'ga:visits,ga:pageviews',

feed = client.GetDataFeed(data_query)

Is there a way to get the details of a particular hit in the list. Please see the image and I need to get each details (the string appear in the hit) on each line in the hits list. Is there any other python library to do this ?

List of hits to GA


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What you circled in the Screenshot is the dimensions ga:pagePath, have you tried that? – Eduardo Sep 2 '13 at 16:56
wow great thanks It is working !!!!!!! more: all the dimensions are here…. Eduardo if you put this as an answer I will mark this as the answer ... Thanks again. – Chamith Malinda Sep 3 '13 at 9:06
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What you want to use is dimension ga:pagePath and metrics ga:visits and you should have a report similar to the one in the screenshot.

You can find the full list of metrics/dimensions here.

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