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I call my php file in the browser with "...test.php?text=Hello" but the $_POST variable stays empty (also print_r($_POST) returns array() ).

Why? Do I need to activate the post variable or something?


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$_REQUEST['text'] also –  Fresher Sep 2 '13 at 14:42
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Variables passed in through the URL end up inside $_GET, not $_POST.

$_POST contains variables parsed by reading the HTTP request body when the method is POST. In this case the method is not POST and there is also no request body.

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If you pass the variable through the URL you use $_GET. Also, you will access the variable with:


This is a array that is sent through and you need to specify what item in the array you want to use.

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...test.php?text=hello passes data via the GET method (accessible via $_GET in the processing script).

$_POST gets populated by forms or cURL access (when the transfer method is defined as "post")

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