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My problem: Llinks work in IE 7 and Firefox, but in a number of cases on a site I'm working on updating, the first link(s) on a page don't work in the Chrome browser even though they do from the "View Source" page. I've looked for obvious code problems and can't find any. What am I missing? Something's up, but what? Thanks for your help.


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Which links, specifically, aren't working for you? What are the symptoms? The ones I tried work fine for me in Chrome. –  Michael Petrotta Dec 7 '09 at 3:17
They're working for me too. What version of Chrome are you running? What do you mean the links work from the "view source" page? –  Moishe Lettvin Dec 7 '09 at 3:23
I'm viewing the page with Chrome on computers running XP. The "online vital records indexes" link doesn't work for me--no rollover and can't click on it. The rest of the links on the page work. Same on similar pages. On wilmettehistory.org/newpages/archives/archives.html the links start working about halfway down the page. BUT when I do Ctrl U and view the source code, all links work. As long as it's not an issue for most people, I won't worry about it but it sure seems strange. Thanks! –  Cynthia Dec 7 '09 at 15:59

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Ok, I drove my blood pressure through the roof trying to figure this out and I did, so I will help answer the question. What you need to do is locate your main element that contains the links that aren't working, then put a z-index of one on that div box.

so for instance if it is the menu that isn't working put a z-index of 1 in your menu CSS like this....

#leftmenu {

This will force all of the stuff forward and your links will work. Voila...

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