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I am new in quartz scheduler. I am interested in quartz recovery mechanism. Is there any documentation about this process? I tried to find but without success.

We have a problem when recovery mechanism is active. We have SCHEDULERDETAIL table that is connected with QRTZ_TRIGGERS table (QRTZ_TRIGGERS table is table that comes with quartz). They are connected with foreign key: in SCHEDULERDETAIL table it is SCHEDULED_ID column (defined as NUMBER) and in QRTZ_TRIGGERS is TRIGGER_NAME (defined as VARCHAR). When new task is created, new trigger is added to QRTZ_TRIGGERS table. TRIGGER_NAME from QRTZ_TRIGGERS descends to SCHEDULERDETAIL table.

When job is not executed (server is down, scheduler module is not active or some other reason), as far as I understood, recovery mechanism starts to work. In our case, recovery mechanism in QRTZ_TRIGGERS inserts record that contains Strings for TRIGGER_NAME and TRIGGER_GROUP properties - columns (TRIGGER_NAME = recover_app2.1361843234382_1363216375567; TRIGGER_GROUP = RECOVERING_JOBS). Because in other tables these properties are defined as number other tasks can not be executed, because of the connection between these two tables (mechanism tries to descend TRIGGER_NAME which is String to SCHEDULED_ID which is number), so error is generated. My question is, can I control these communication between quartz and database? If it is possible, how can I manage this? If i can not, how to avoid this situation?

I am using quartz-scheduler 1.8.

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You would not need to look at these internal tables. Quartz provides how to handle missed trigger and refire trigger strategies. While scheduling your tasks/job you should use these APIs to correctly recover from missed trigger. –  Bimalesh Jha Sep 2 '13 at 15:38
Thanks for quick response. Can you give me some links where I can find how this trigger strategy looks like and how can I use API to apply this strategy in my own scenarion? thanks in advance –  Stevan Sep 3 '13 at 12:49
for example look at trigger listener… –  Bimalesh Jha Sep 3 '13 at 14:44
Thanks for response. I reproduced this situation and found the solution. Now I am interested in next scenario: how can I turn off recovery mechanism so recovery triggers will never run? –  Stevan Sep 5 '13 at 8:52

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