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i imported project that alredy works using SVN in eclipse , i needed to gain knowledge about that one, but unfortunetly i can't even build it. Whenever i build it i get multiple errors that are caused by

The import* cannot be resolved 

There are around 20 imports but only the ones from* dont work. I will type you what i already tried to do:

  • Project -> Clean..
  • Adding in build path
  • Deleting and adding this imports
  • Changing to Java 1.6
  • Delete/Add JRE Library and adding Alternate JRE's
  • Ticking in Project Facets Java and Utility Mode (for no reason i read somewhere about it)
  • importing by clicking on "errored" viarable/class "import*". Problem was solved but only until i Re-build/Clean project.
  • Closing projects, cleaning, open projects, cleaning

The weirdest thing is that when i type and then click CTRL + Space it actually autofill this imports with correct names. Im using JDK (Java EE 6 SDK Update 1 (with JDK 6 U23)). I spent alot of time in order to search for a fix but nothing helpt so i figure out meaby if i create question here by myself and inform you what i already did you will be able to help me somehow.

Sorry for my pretty bad english, and thanks in advance!

codes are in 'sync', imports are in

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Please post the list of your project dependencies and the actual name of the imported package. – chrylis Sep 2 '13 at 16:41
We also need to know the Eclipse project dependencies. This usually means that the jar containing all of the packages didn't get added to the Eclipse project. (Using Maven/Ivy/Gradle prevents most of these problems.) – chrylis Sep 2 '13 at 16:51
So everythink was added(like i said eclipse "sees" this packages in sync project, also sync has in java build path -> projects – ojciecmatki Sep 3 '13 at 12:15

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