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Iam experiencing an issue in oracle analytic functions

I want the rank in oracle to be displayed sequentialy but require a cyclic fashion.But this ranking should happen within a group. Say I have 10 groups In 10 groups each group must be ranked in till 9. If greater than 9 the rank value must start again from 1 and then end till howmuch so ever

emp id      date1               date 2                 Rank
123         13/6/2012           13/8/2021              1
123         14/2/2012           12/8/2014              2
123         9/10/2013           12/12/2015             9
123         16/10/2013          15/10/2013             1
123         16/3/2014           15/9/2015              2

In the above example the for the group of rows of the empid 123 i have split the rank in two subgroup fashion.Sequentially from 1 to 9 is one group and for the rest of the rows the rank again starts from 1.How to achieve this in oracle rank functions.

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mod(rank(...)-1, 9)+1 – Egor Skriptunoff Sep 2 '13 at 19:25
@peter can u send a sample query on this.I have used row_number to get the rank – user524707 Sep 2 '13 at 19:42

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