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In our project, we are migrating from ant scripts to gradle build.

We are going to use artifactory as a repo manager in our company to store artifacts.

I have seen some repository stuff in artifactory, consisting of libs-snapshot-local as a remote repository and libs-snapshot as virtual repository. Same with releases repo libs-release-local and libs-release.

Can any one of you explain what is the difference between them? Can I deploy the artifacts to both of them?

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Virtual repository, as explained in the documentation, unify other remote, local and virtual repositories to provide a single URL for resolution.

libs-snapshot-local is not a remote repository, but a local repository. As explained in the documentation, local repositories are physical repositories in Artifactory which serve as targets for your deployments.

You don't need to deploy artifacts to both of them. Deploying to local makes the deployed artifacts available for retrieval from the virtual.

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Yaa gone through documentation. Thanks @JBaruch. And if possible, can you answer me another 2 questions which relates to this slightly. 1) If I want to upload war file into different versions of snapshot like 1.0 & 0.1. How would I do that dynamically in gradle? 2) And if I want to have both snapshot & release script in build.gradle, such that I can decide on the run time whether to go into libs-release-local or libs-snapshots local. How would I do that? –  phoenix Sep 3 '13 at 23:24

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