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I'm trying to remove key from rethinkdb document. My approaches (which didn't work):

r.db('db').table('user').replace(function(row){delete row["key"]; return row}) 

Other approach:

r.db('db').table('user').update({key: null}) 

This one just sets row.key = null (which looks reasonable).

Examples tested on rethinkdb data explorer through web ui.

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Here's the relevant example from the documentation on RethinkDB's website: http://rethinkdb.com/docs/cookbook/python/#removing-a-field-from-a-document

To remove a field from all documents in a table, you need to use replace to update the document to not include the desired field (using without):


To remove the field from one specific document in the table:


You can change the selection of documents to update by using any of the selectors in the API (http://rethinkdb.com/api/), e.g. db, table, get, get_all, between, filter.

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If you are looking for the javascript version of the recipe: rethinkdb.com/docs/cookbook/javascript/… –  neumino Sep 2 '13 at 22:52
How can I do this for nested field of key? –  Suvitruf Jul 14 at 13:17

You can use replace with without:

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How can I do this for nested field of key? –  Suvitruf Jul 14 at 13:17

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