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Does anyone know how to make a video using ffmpeg + Opengl play continuously?. Because this is only played once

tiempo = glfwGetTime();
duracion = 1.0/25.0; // 1 second / 25 fps



  if(glfwGetTime() > tiempo + duracion){
    if(av_read_frame(pFormatCtx,&packet) >= 0){
      if(packet.stream_index == 0){
    tiempo += duracion;



I know av_read_frame function (...) returns 0 if the end of file. But how do I make the function again returns a value other than zero? o How I can I make the video is constantly repeated?

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From documentqtion lavf_decoding.html#ga4fdb3084415a82e3810de6ee60e46a61">

0 if OK, < 0 on error or end of file

so if <0 then call av_seek_frame

to return to start (same doc)

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Works great friend!, Thank you very much. – Javier Ramírez Sep 2 '13 at 22:08

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