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For a project I'm using a custom attribute on elements to designate whether or not they'll have a custom template. I need the ability to select elements with a custom template based on a keyword. I've made a simplified case for demonstration.

So, for example:

<div jk_template="blue">Blue</div>
<div jk_template="red">Red</div>
<div jk_template="red big">Red Big</div>

I've tried:

$('[jk_template="blue"]').css('color', 'blue');
$('[jk_template="red"]').css('color', 'red');
$('[jk_template="red big"]').css('font-size','22px');

Unfortunately the red big only appears with larger font-size, but not colored red.


I also want to be able to select elements that don't have the custom template based on the absence of the attribute. Is all of this possible using just JQuery selectors?

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Yes and JQuery actually leverages CSS 1-3 selectors.

To select an element with a specific attribute value substring use [attr*=value]:

$('[jk_template*="red"]').css('color', 'red');

To select an element without a specific attribute use the :not selector:


Updated Fiddle

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