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I use ggplot2 and I need to watch distance from the datum point to each point. I currently trying to use coord_polar() to see the circular grid of polar view instead of ordinary view.

But I don’t sure how we can see only first quadrant (first 90 degree) of the polar chart. How can we adjust the position? Although I tried to use print() and viewport() to adjust the position, it sometimes makes a gap.

nx <- atan(ox/(oy+0.000001))
ny <- sqrt(ox*ox+oy*oy)
g1 <- qplot(x = nx,y = ny,shape = Shape,
             size = Size, colour = ColorCode, fill = ColorCode,
             data = Source, 
             xlim = c(0,2*pi), ylim = c(0,1),
        + coord_polar()

in this case above, ox and oy are in [0,1).

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Welcome to SO. If you please make your example reproducible you are much more likely to get help. –  Henrik Sep 3 '13 at 8:45

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