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CONTENTEDITABLE DIV sample string only

int main(){

 if((x<3 && x!=5) || x>10)
   //execute statement;

 while((y<10) && (y>1))
   //execute statement;



<div id="board_code">
 <div>int main<span class="openParen bm1">(</span><span class="closeParen bm1">)</span></div>
 <div>if<span class="openParen bm2">(</span><span class="openParen bm3">(</span>x<3 && x!=5<span class="closeParen bm3">)</span> || x>10<span class="closeParen bm2">)</span></div>
 <div>//execute statement;</div>
 <div>while<span class="openParen bm4">(</span><span class="openParen bm5">(</span>y<10<span class="closeParen bm5">)</span> && <span class="openParen bm6">(</span>y>1<span class="closeParen bm6">)</span><span class="closeParen bm4">)</span></div>
 <div>//execute statement;</div>


<div id="board_code">
 <div>int main<span class="parenWrap"><span class="openParen bm1">(</span><span class="closeParen bm1">)</span></span></div>
 <div>if<span class="parenWrap"><span class="openParen bm2">(</span><span class="parenWrap"><span class="openParen bm3">(</span>x<3 && x!=5<span class="closeParen bm3">)</span></span> || x>10<span class="closeParen bm2">)</span></span></div>
 <div>//execute statement;</div>
 <div>while<span class="parenWrap"><span class="openParen bm4">(</span><span class="parenWrap"><span class="openParen bm5">(</span>y<10<span class="closeParen bm5">)</span></span> && <span class="parenWrap"><span class="openParen bm6">(</span>y>1<span class="closeParen bm6">)</span></span><span class="closeParen bm4">)</span></span></div>
 <div>//execute statement;</div>

I've already matched the () by having a pair of bm1, bm2, etc.. Now, i need to wrap the openParen bm(n) to closeParen bm(n) with span class = parenWrap

How can i achieve this?


<span class="parenWrap">((x<3 && x!=5) || x>10)</span>
<span class="parenWrap">(x<3 && x!=5)</span>
<span class="parenWrap">((y<10) && (y>1))</span>
<span class="parenWrap">(y<10)</span>
<span class="parenWrap">(y>1)</span>

For easier understanding, they will become like this, retaining the span tags they already have

UPDATE based from @pdoherty926 answer

The logic is something like

//if i have 3 pairs of bm's
    for(var xx=1; xx<4; xx++){
         $('.openParen bm'+xx).nextUntil('.closeParen bm'+xx).andSelf().wrapAll('<span class="parenWrap"></span>');

but this is not working.

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(x<3 && x!=5) the and is quite useless here. If x is smaller than 3, it's certainly not equal to 5. –  plalx Sep 3 '13 at 3:42
@plax: that's just a string, dont mind it –  extraRice Sep 3 '13 at 3:44

1 Answer 1

    <span class="openParen bm1">(</span>
    <span>sometext here</span>
    <span class="closeParen bm1">)</span>

$('.openParen').each(function () {
    $(this).nextUntil('.closeParen').andSelf().wrapAll('<span class="parenWrap"></span>');


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When i try to put a text inside the (), it should also wrap the text inside ( ) jsfiddle.net/8dGjT/4 –  extraRice Sep 3 '13 at 4:28
See my updated answer. (The updated answer expects the inner text to be inside some element.) –  pdoherty926 Sep 3 '13 at 5:09
Hmmm i think u need to use their same class like bm1 and bm2, this just wrap the nearest found ). So if i found one ( and found ( and found ), they will all be wrapped up –  extraRice Sep 3 '13 at 6:45

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