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I built some basic jade templates. I also created some useful mixins, where i can build very fast a website out of it. So, a main jade template looks actually much like this:

+header({title: "My Website"})
+text({ title: "My Title", text: "Some text!"})
+slideshow([{id: "slide1", text: "My Slide"}, { id: "slide2", text: "My second slide"})
+footer({social: false})

every time the jade file is changed, the node process builds a html file. this works very nice and clean and nothing special.

But it´s not very comfortable for my client to throw up a text editor and a ftp client. So i came across the idea to build a small frontend editor for my client where he can modify these jade files directly on the server.

I dont want him to write jade syntax, because some mixins are more complex, so i need something to parse a jade file and get the ast from it to translate it into something where i can build forms and ui elements for it.

The desired frontend UI should be, where the client can choose some predefined mixins and fill it with some data. Then save it to disc. Also i need to load some written jade files in and present it as a changeable frontend ui. oh and, i dont want to use a db :)

Hope, someone can help and have an idea to achieve something like this easy and fast. Dont want to write my own parser. :(


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