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This is the below code that I had written for populating a dropdown.

<select id = 'status_update' >
    <%  array = [{"status_name"=>"Submitted", "reachable"=>false, "transition_name"=>""}, 
                 {"status_name"=>"Replied", "reachable"=>true, "transition_name"=>"Reply"},
                 {"status_name"=>"Answered", "reachable"=>false, "transition_name"=>""},
                 {"status_name"=>"Closed", "reachable"=>false, "transition_name"=>""},
                 {"status_name"=>"Canceled", "reachable"=>true, "transition_name"=>"Cancel"}]
        array.each { |x|
        x.each do |key, value|
          <option value = "<%= #{x['transition_name']} %>" 
                  disabled = "<%= if ((#{x['reachable']}) == 'false') 
                                  return 'disabled'
                                  return ''
                                  end %>" ><%=  "#{x['status_name']}" %></option>
    <% end %>
    <% } %>

In the above code, array is collection of hashmaps and the keys in hashmaps remains the same, 3 keys with different values in each set. Now, I am trying to populate each hashmap, with the values of their respective keys, in the dropdown. When I try so, I am getting error

ERB syntax error:dropdown:23: syntax error, unexpected kELSE


Might be simple, but not able to get the correct way of approach to get the hashmaps in the dropdown. Can anyone of you kindly let me know how to proceed please ?

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if reachable is false in the above code, then disabled property of option list value should be disabled. The status_name should be visible but the user should not be able to select. –  Rak Sep 3 '13 at 5:01

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The second loop in not necessary. This should work:

<% array.each do |x| %>
  <option value="<%= x['transition_name'] %>" disabled="<%= x['reachable'] ? '' : 'disabled' %>"><%= x['status_name'] %></option>
<% end %>

Rather than setting disabled="" it's better to omit the attribute:

  <option value="<%= x['transition_name'] %>" <%= 'disabled="disabled"' unless x['reachable'] %>"><%= x['status_name'] %></option>

Or, if this is too much in one line:

<% if x['reachable'] %>
  <option value="<%= x['transition_name'] %>"><%= x['status_name'] %></option>
<% else %>
  <option value="<%= x['transition_name'] %>" disabled="disabled"><%= x['status_name'] %></option>
<% end %>
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Thanx alot. It works. But when reachable is true, the dropdown value gets disabled for that case too. In my case only when reachable is false the option should be disabled. How can I do that ? –  Rak Sep 3 '13 at 5:15
@Rak updated my answer –  Stefan Sep 3 '13 at 6:14

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