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I have a big list with unicode char's, which i want to exchange with some ASCII chars with following code (This code does some stuff more):

while ($Zeile=<STDIN>)
    if ($i>1) 
        $entry=~s/\(Details\)/ /;

But in the result there will be inserted a char, which is no unicode char. For example "7½" changes to "7�.5" (Both copied and pasted)

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The very first caveat on the perlunicode page is "In order to preserve backward compatibility, Perl does not turn on full internal Unicode support unless the pragma use feature 'unicode_strings' is specified. (This is automatically selected if you use use 5.012 or higher.) Failure to do this can trigger unexpected surprises." Did you enable either of these pragmas? –  Jim Garrison Sep 3 '13 at 5:46
Iserting of [code]use feature 'unicode_strings'; use utf8[/code] in the first line doesn't change anything :( [code]use 5.012;[/code] produces an error –  Tigerle Sep 3 '13 at 6:02

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Probably you never specified that STDIN is a utf-8 stream. Something like

binmode STDIN, ":utf8";

may fix this.

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