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I am a beginner for PHP. I need to create a line graph using PHP using data from MySQL

(I had downloaded jpgraph but I do not know how to use it)

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I would first try to build up a HTML Page, created by PHP and would leave mysql for a later step (reduce complexity). Use some dummy data. Then install this PHP jpgraph-library and try it with the manual. – Daniel Stutz Sep 3 '13 at 6:31

jpgraph has an extensive documentation for nearly every php skill level.

Included in the download package are many examples on how to use every kind of charts available for you.

Make sure to

  • install it properly (read about it here),
  • run the examples (if they don't work, it isn't installed properly).

Then get a grip on how it works while analyzing the examples provided.

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first of all you've know some basic of php, html, javascript and mysql. See the documentation of jpgraph from the official site of jpgraph. How To

what kind of chart

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Well, with the littel information you have given in your question i would suggest you start here:

jpgraph HowTo

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