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How can I Save the contents of command window directly into the logfile without displaying those contents on the command window of the WinDbg?

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I don't think you can disable the output to the command window, you can call cls to clear the current text or hit the 'x' to close it, alternatively you could just run the command line version of windbg, 'cdb', pass it a txt file with your commands and output to your logfile. Is there an issue with the output to the command window? –  EdChum Sep 5 '13 at 7:51

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Assuming you don't know about this already, you can use the -log{o|a} windbg command line option to specify what log file you wish to write to. If you don't want any output to the cmd window at all you can redirect the output to /nul. i.e.:

echo you cannot see me > /nul

This does the same thing as redirecting command output to /dev/null on a *nix OS. It will execute the command, but nothing will be written to stdout.

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