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I'm running Windows XP and I'm trying to set up an AVD for Eclipse to match the settings on the phone I'm going to get (Samsung Galaxy S3). I installed the latest version of Eclipse on my S: drive, but the Android SDK wants to put the AVD in my C: drive. I want it in my S:\Workspace folder instead. I know there have been many answers about setting up new environmental variables and whatnot, but I don't really understand that. I've tried copying the AVD files from my S: drive to my C: drive (C:\Documents and Settings\Tyler.android), but when I try to start the emulator (it can find those AVD files there), I get a that "Panic" error message and it won't load. If I have to, I'll uninstall Eclipse and get everything over again, but could somebody please give me full instructions on how to set it up and change all of the default directories to the S: drive?

Thank you. I'm fairly new at programming for Android, but I want to understand how to set it up. I'm trying to mimic the specs of a Galaxy S3 so I can start programming an app, but I can't get the emulator to start. Any advice would be appreciated!

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if u still didn't find the answer here u can find it. stackoverflow.com/questions/3109473/… –  M Faisal Hyder Jun 20 at 18:33

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