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I am struggling a bit with a clean way to solve this.

Let's assume I have something like these models:

class Article

class FooArticle < Article

class BarArticle < Article

Now, I don't have a special set of routes for FooArticle and BarArticle, they both get handled by /articles in my app.

So I usually do article_path(@article) or new_article_path etc..

This all works fine except for the case of shared partials where I don't want to explicitly define the route:

form_for(@article) do |f|

The above would result in a unknown route error because it can't resolve foo_article_path or bar_article_path - yet with new records it works since I instantiate them via @article =

So now the question is: Is there a method that switches path arguments so I don't have to write this code:

url = @article.persisted? ? article_path(@article) : articles_path

I explicitly don't want to use the routers polymorphic magic, but still benefit from the action auto-detection that goes on in there.

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try this out:

Article.subclasses.each do |sub_class|
  resources sub_class.underscore.to_sym, :controller => "articles", :type => sub_class.to_s

underscore is ActiveSupport's method

resources :articles

Read this for more information

STI, one controller

class Article
  def self.subclasses
    @subclasses ||= []

  def self.inherited(klass)
    @subclasses ||= []
    @subclasses << klass

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+1 great suggestion - unfortunately that doesn't really work in this case. (I thought of that too at first) Only problem is that my Subtypes represent user-supplied Models for Templates that are outside the scope of my Gem - so I'd like to avoid patching the routes (there are onwards of 100 article subclasses at times) – Tigraine Sep 3 '13 at 8:43
@Tigraine check updated answer. – Sachin Singh Sep 3 '13 at 9:11
Great answer - I'll try that out.. – Tigraine Sep 3 '13 at 9:18

There may be a way to do this by setting the model_name method on the child classes: Rails 3 polymorphic_path - how to change the default route_key

but, I would be worried about possible side effects, so I would just make your own helper:

def form_for_article(record, options = {}, &block)  
  options.reverse_merge!({:url => record.persisted? ? article_path(record) : articles_path})
  form_for(record, options, &block)

You could generalize this if you wanted to and allow passing in the path_prefix, but that might be overkill.

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You could try looking at creating a method that uses String.sub or String.sub! (the latter modifiesi the String object in-place in memory) to change the actual value of the route temporarily, or however you need to.

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Yes, but that doesn't solve problems like form_for(@article) generating params values based on the type of @article. So @article = will generate params[:article] while @article = will generate params[:foo_article] - making it impossible to handle it in the controller upon post – Tigraine Sep 3 '13 at 8:14

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