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I have a cloud instance that I would like to run tests on. Its OS is Centos 6.3.

How can I run a jar file while using monitors like tcpdump/vmstat/top?

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Run in the background. Here is a stop and start for tcpdump that I used while running other processes:

function tcpdumpStart()
     echo "Turning on tcpdump to snoop the tunnel"
     sudo /usr/sbin/tcpdump -i tun0 -s0 -w /tmp/decoderTunnel.pcap &
     echo "tcpdump started" 

function tcpdumpStop()
     echo "Killing tunnel snoop"
     sudo pkill tcpdump
     sudo chmod =rwx,g+s /tmp/decoderTunnel.pcap 
     echo "Moving tunnel pcap decoderTunnel.pcap to ${testResultDest}"
     sudo mv /tmp/decoderTunnel.pcap ${testResultDest}

Do similar for each process you wish to start up


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