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I'm trying to create a test setup hierarchy in robot framework.

I have a sub-suite, that defines its own Test Setup - but this overrides the parent suite's Test Setup.

I want both Test setups to run - one after the other, first the Parent Test Setup (that is defined in init.txt) and after that the Test setup that is defined using the * Settings * section.

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You can achieve this kind of behavior at least with a bit of a hack way, by using set global variable, run keywords and an external resource file. This however requires you to define the test setup setting with a variable.

Example below:

Contents of __init__.txt:

*** Settings ***
Resource      Resource.txt
Suite setup   Set test setup variable
Test setup    Test setup keyword

*** Keywords ***
Set test setup variable
    Set global variable    ${test setup variable}    Test setup keyword

Contents of Resource.txt:

*** Keywords ***
Test setup keyword
    Log    Test setup from top level

Contents of Test_suite.txt:

*** Settings ***
Resource      Resource.txt
Test setup    Run keywords    ${test setup variable}    Test setup from test suite

*** Test cases ***
Test test setups
    Log    this should run two log keywords.

*** Keywords ***
Test setup from test suite
    Log    Test setup from test suite

I think this is the closest you can get.

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Interesting stuff. I ended implementing it another way, also by using a Resource file and a stub function inside that resource file (that doesn't do anything) that the test suite could override. so in any case both test cases would run. But your solution is very good, maybe better.. I'll consider moving :) –  Roy Reznik Sep 3 '13 at 19:48

You can use "Suite Setup" for this.

Following is what the sub suite will have.

*** Settings ***
Suite Setup       Log    File Suite Setup Log

*** Test Cases ***
Test Case 1
    [Setup]    Log    Test Case Setup Log
    Log    Test Case Log

If there was a super suite one level above this, following is the setup of that master suite.

*** Settings ***
Suite Setup       Log    Super Setup Log
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I wanted to use this for Test Setup not for Suite Setup... –  Roy Reznik Sep 3 '13 at 19:45

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