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i have started with git.

I want to know what the option -u does.

So what is the difference between :

  1. git add vs git add -u

  2. git push vs git push -u

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For Add, -u will make it only add updated files - eg. ones that you have already tracked/committed previously.

Manual entry for Add

For Push, -u will make it track the remote branch, so when you do git status it will let you know how many commits ahead/behind the remote branch you are at.

Manual entry for Push

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Did you try reading the help?

git help add
git help push

to access it.

As for the specifics:

git add -u does the same as git add . except that it doesn't add untracked files, which the latter does.

git push -u sets the local branch as tracking the remote branch. Generally you only use it when you first push a new branch, and git will even tell you to use it then if you just type git push by mistake (it uses the long name --set-upstream).

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