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Is it possible to make different Configuration of one project one with and other without a installed cobol compiler?

I have a big project general written in VB.Net with some underprojects written in cobol. Is it possible to create different Configs like "DebugVB" for the VB-Programmers and "DebugCob" for the cobol cracks?

I think of a project reference for the cobol solution. And just a reference to the coboll .dlls for the vb one.

The target is to eliminate the need for a cobol compiler for the VB-Coders.

Is that possible in a solution?

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OK... Managed it some time ago by myself.

When you use conditional constructs like in


mentioned, and use different configurations you eliminate the need for a cobol compiler on every working maschine.

Saved some bucks! Yeah!

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