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I use Pandoc for Markdown compiling. But it seems that the integrated syntax highlighter doesn't know about the var C# keyword and doesn't highlight it when compiled into PDF:

pandoc -o foo.pdf

Is there any way how to tweak the Pandoc syntax highlighter?

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There are some instructions for doing this at the end of the README for highlighting-kate. Note that you'll have to recompile the library and pandoc, so this is only a good solution if you have a Haskell build environment set up and don't mind compiling pandoc from source.

In pandoc 1.12 (which I hope will be out this month), there will be an easy way to specify python "filters" that operate directly on the parsed document; so, for example, you could write a short filter that calls pygments to highlight code blocks.

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Great work, John, thank you. Pandoc is amazing. – Cartesius00 Sep 3 '13 at 15:46

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